Pallet Racks Available in Galvanized Steel

Pallet Racks Available in Galvanized Steel

A Galvanized Pallet Rack system is quite possibly the last system a business owner will have to purchase. The chemical process of galvanizing the steel bonds it with zinc as it is hot dipped into the chemicals. This process is better than the painting and coating of other materials because it goes deeper than the surface and will not peel or wear down. During the same process the iron within the steel fuses together for a heavier density than other grades of steel.


Better Non-Corrosive Protection


Since the steel is processed prior to use, there are no risks of missing corners, joints, or the underside that is sometimes the case with adding coatings after a structure has been created. The non-corrosive properties are essentially baked right into the steel so these strong and durable racks never have to be painted or coated. Maintenance is virtually zero.


Great for Outdoor Storage


Since the protection will not weaken, a Galvanized Pallet Rack is the best material for outside storage. Piping, lumber, building materials, landscaping supplies, and some items found at home improvement stores are often stored outside due to size and mass quantities. Both cantilever and teardrop systems are available in a wide array of sizes. The only US supplier of galvanized rack systems, Red Steel Manufacturing, also offers custom sizing as well.


Cantilever Options


Single sided towers are in stock at fifty and sixty-two inch lengths, while double sided towers come in eighty-three and one-hundred and seven inch lengths. Heavy duty straight arm racks are also available. Brace sets are available in eight to ten foot towers, sixteen to eighteen foot towers, and twenty foot towers. All custom sizes and large quantities will require a lead time of eight to ten weeks.


Teardrop Options


Red Steel offers this type of uprights and beams to accommodate several different capacity weights. Beams range in capacity from two-thousand pounds to over seven-thousand pounds. Sizes are available from forty-eight inch lengths by three inch widths, to one-hundred and forty-four inch lengths by six inch widths.


Uprights come in two weight capacities, each offered in a variety of heights and depths. Twenty-thousand pounds and twenty-seven thousand pound capacities are what is kept in stock. custom metal buildings of heights and depths in each capacity are fully detailed on the company website.




Pricing for racks differ, or course, and quotes are offered via the website or by telephone. metal workshop to keep in mind is that galvanized steel is cheaper than stainless steel and aluminum. It is slightly higher in price than other materials, but is still more cost-effective due to longer durability.
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